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Hate Speech Watch is a user-generated repository to trace, share and discuss online hate speech content. Instances of hate speech signalled here are not reported to judicial authorities, regulatory bodies or internet providers. Please, also report systematically all hate speech you encounter online to the relevant national authorities and Internet companies. See the instructions section to learn how.

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10 February, 2016
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Challenge sexism and counter sexist hate speech!

THE MOVEMENT CALLS FOR FLAGGING ONLINE SEXIST HATE SPEECH BY THE HATE SPEECH WATCH. In March the Hate Speech Watch is collecting examples of different online expressions of sexist hate speech with the purpose of raising awareness and support the education of young people. Discrimination, multiple discrimination and hate speech against women is a serious issue still in today’s Europe. Sexist hate speech builds on narratives reaffirming gender stereotypes which justify gender discrimination and sexism, thus it is very important to  challenge sexism and speak up for gender equality both online and offline.  View

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Religious Hate On An ... ...
Thursday at 10:53 pm

The following: "moslims denken dat ze beter zijn dan anderen zoals hitler dacht dat zij de ubermenschen waren,geen verschil tussen islam en nazisme" (HaJo666 ) View


salaud de nord ... ...
Thursday at 2:19 pm

Manu Navet nous explique "J'espère que ce salaud de nord africain va être vite envoyé dans son pays d’origine ! rien à faire de ces merdes ici !" View


discrimination based ... ...
March 22 at 11:46 pm

WHile seemingly INNOCUOUS, Dr. Scholl's Orthotic Inserts are anything but. They say they have inserts for all shoes, however, they do not fit in traditional dutch wooden shoes. When I contacted product support, they suggested I buy nikes. In ... View