No Hate Survey Results



From February to April 2015 the No Hate Speech Movement campaign ran an online survey to collect young people’s experiences and opinions about online hate speech. The survey was answered by 6601 people in 30 languages, the majority in English (1434).


Analysing the survey is difficult and is work in progress. But the first “raw” results do provide some useful indications:


-       83% of the respondents have encountered online hate speech

-       The 3 groups most often targeted are LGBT, Muslims and Women

-       Some 70% believes that human rights should apply online like they apply offline…


The survey has mostly an educational value and, in some cases, can provide useful indications to national committees.

Take a look!

We plan to publish in October some further reflections and analysis based on the survey results.


The results of the survey were compiled by Sara Spada. Dr Gavan Titley presented and “interpreted” them at the Evaluation and Follow-up Conference in May 2015. The opinions expressed in the presentation are the responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of the Council of Europe.