Very offensive and hateful video that purely insults albanian country and people
Offensive, derogatory and hateful videos that stereotype Albanian culture and identity. ...

Set of videos in English and Albanian that insult the Albanian people with an excessive usage of swearings, The videos show Albanian gay people, Albanian Roma and not only and abuse these images transmitting the 'perception' of the whole nation

A 12-video playlist on YouTube of hate speech against Albanian identity, Roma and homosexuality. This playlist as well as the youtube channel of the user are expressions of hate speech against Albanian nationals. The videos listed demonstrate Albanian individuals while one video (the one filmed by a guy speaking in Greek) mocks the individual, his clothes and appearance based on stereotypes. The name of the channel Anti-Albanian suggests hatred towards a specific nationality group while it links homosexuality with that group as well in the playlist. Other videos mock the cultural traditions and customs of Albanians in a 'demonising' manner. Videos in English, Greek and Albanian.

Report by: Iana Minochkina, Russian Federation
April 15, 2013 at 6:53 pm
albanian roma gay xenophobia nationalism


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