There are alternatives to the bearded women's Europe ...

Jobbik held a press conference on the European Elections. Staudt said: "The negative trends culminating in the Eurovision Song Contest were not even realised by the European Political Parties let alone stopped by them." "We think protecting traditional family values and children is a must. The eurovison Song Contest does not fit into this when children ask their parents why the lady has a beard." Gabor Staudt said there is no right response to this and he couldn't even respond anything. Dóra Dúró said: "In contrast to the vision of bearded women Jobbik supports the family based social construction and national traditional values." She said that with one of their transparents they try to show Natália Bálint as a vell skilled and committed person to her country as a positive role model against the bearded winner of the Eurovison Song Contest." Dóra Dúró - spokeperson; Gábor Staudt - candidate

Report by: Krisztina Kolos, Hungary
May 18, 2014 at 11:24 am
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