Facebook page against Islam "No to Islam"

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This is the facebook page that claims that it is created in order to facilitate discussion on Islam in a respectful way. However, many posts there are promoting hate and violence and are not removed by the admins. For example, - Czy jeżeli wysadzimy Mekkę, to muzułmanie zaczną kręcić się w kółko jak zepsuty kompas? (If we blow up Mecca, will the Muslims start turning wound like a broken compass?) - Nie mogę zrozumieć tego ,że duża część z Was wciąż nie zauważa,że muzułmanie to ARMIA. Armia jak zombie...muzułmańscy luna-tycy bez aktywnych mózgów. ( I still don't understand why many of you still do not realise than Muslims are the ARMY. Army like zombies... Muslim lunatcis without active braines).

Report by: Dariusz Grzemny, Poland
March 21, 2014 at 10:16 am
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