Muslims in Romanian threaten with rebellion
Muslims in Romanian threaten with rebellion ...

The article starts from a comment presumably posted by a Muslim person regarding religion taught in school and generalizes it as the voice of all Muslims who, the author states, "started to threaten the majority population". The article is based entirely on comments posted by readers and ends with biased statistics about Muslims in Romania.

it sais that in Constanta, a city from Romania they will not teach islamic religion and turkish language classes will be reduced to half of their current numberand in this context, the title sais that the muslim community will distroy Dobrogea (a county in Romania) if they will be upsetit portrays muslims as threatening the local people of getting very angry if things don`t happen the way they want it, comments under are also homofobic.

Report by: Oana Nestian Sandu, Romania
February 18, 2014 at 8:52 pm
muslims bias violence hatespeech


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