The Forum of Free Russians
The Forum of Free Russians

Website and forum of "Free Russians" that represents "encyclopedia" of crimes and problems created by migrants in Russia. The second name of the website is "Migrants against Russians", it has database of Russians, supposedly killed by migrants, crimes committed by migrants, a lot of unproved statistics on migrants - their demography, crimes and etc. Very one-sided, full of hatred and hiding under the image of informative and educative web-site. Appears as first link if you browse for migrants in Russia

The forum "enciclopedia" is propaganding hate speech towords emigrant in Russia , creatin their profile as criminals and murderers. Its very one sided without any provements, but full of hate speeches to "new comers" to Russia. 

Report by: Iana Minochkina, Russian Federation
February 5, 2014 at 10:17 am
migrants russia xenophoby


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