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This page contains hate speech against Roma/Travellers/Immigrants There are also links to a lot of videos This calls for the deportation of all Roma http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WxjVahV4pc This is a video about a Roma allegedly kidnapping a "white baby" The site expresses support for the Golden Dawn "The Irish Nationalist Brotherhood condemns the Leftist, Zionist Greek governments illegal political persecution of Golden Dawn." and extreme opposition to immigration http://www.inbeire.com/test-page.html CHINESE IMMIGRANT MURDERS IRISH FATHER OF TWO Nicola Donnelly and Natasha Reid AN internet and call-shop owner has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering a customer. Zhen Dong Zhao kicked the man to death after he had refused to pay in full for a 70 cent phone call. Zhao (36), a Chinese man with an address at Jervis Street in Dublin, had pleaded not guilty to murdering the 40-year-old man on May 20, 2011. However, he admitted kicking the father of two a number of times outside his 24-hour shop, e-Times, on Dublin's Wellington Quay. Noel Fegan was originally from Finglas, but the reformed drug addict had been living in Aughrim Street. He had gone into the shop to phone his 11-year-old daughter, from whom he had received a 'call me' text. His daughter testified that she spoke to her father for a minute and a half. However, Mr Fegan told Zhao he did not get through. Full Story Here Vile Polish Immigrant masturbated while rape victim testified in court By Conor Gallagher and Claire O’SullivanA RAPIST who was jailed for 15 years on Tuesday masturbated in court while his victim gave her evidence, it has emerged. Przemyslaw Jakubowski ambushed his 30-year-old victim as she was running errands in the Cork town of Kanturk. He dragged her into the cubicle of a public toilet where he subjected her to more than half an hour of sexual violence before fleeing. Jakbowski, who also has a conviction in his native Poland for attempted rape, was wearing women’s underwear during the attack which was later found in his home. It has emerged that he began to masturbate in the dock during his trial last May when the woman got in the witness box and recounted the details of the assault. The entire courtroom was unaware what was happening except for Jakbowski’s Polish translator. The translator was sitting beside him at the time and later reported it to the prison guards. Neither the judge nor jury was made aware of the incident. The next day a new translator was found for the trial. Jakubowski exhibited bizarre behaviour throughout the 12-day trial. Full Story HERE. DEGENERATE CHINESE IMMIGRANT SENTENCED OVER SEXUAL ASSAULT OF IRISH TEENAGE GIRL A 34-year old man who sexually assaulted a teenage girl who was working for him has been given a nine-year jail sentence at the Central Criminal Court. Three years of the sentence were suspended. Chun Ming Chen of Oakfield Close, Glanmire, Co Cork, had pleaded guilty to 16 counts of having sexual intercourse with the girl when she was 16 and nine counts of sexually assaulting her. Chen, who is also known as Jimmy, runs Ming's Chinese restaurant in Glanmire. The Central Criminal Court was told he began sexually assaulting the girl in late 2007 after she took a part-time job with him when she was 14-years-old. The assaults went on for almost three years and got progressively more serious, until the girl told her mother and made a complaint to gardaí. Chen was arrested and charged and in May pleaded guilty to 16 counts of having sexual intercourse with the girl and nine counts of sexual assault. Full Story HERE. Zhen Dong Zhao Low-Life Murderer Przemyslaw Jakubowski FILTHY RAPIST CHUN MING CHEN Perverted Paedophile €800 Million Squandered on Bogus Asylum Seekers Private firms with offshore links running asylum seeker centres State has spent almost €800m on direct provision Carl O'Brien In all, the Government has given almost €800 million to private firms to accommodate asylum seekers since 2000. The system – which provides shelter for up to 4,600 asylum seekers across 34 centres – has been criticised by campaigners for providing sub-standard accommodation. The Reception and Integration Agency (RIA), the State body responsible for accommodation says all companies involved go through a tendering process and are contractually obliged to have valid, current tax clearance certificates.Most such firms are involved in hospitality or catering. In recent years, several have become unlimited companies, and are thus not obliged to provide details of their accounts. Official figures show that Mosney, in Co Meath, has been paid about €101 million for accommodating asylum seekers at the former Butlin’s holiday resort since the direct provision system began. Its main shareholder is listed as El Molino Hotels Ltd. The main owner of El Molino is Sonning Unlimited, based in the Isle of Man. Full Story Here. Swedish Teen Gang raped by Muslim thugs. Muslims Earn Sweden the Title of “Rape Capital of the World” After thinking over the question for five minutes, you might come up with South Africa or some other third world country as your answer. However, the real answer might shock you. Who has the highest number of rapes in the world? The title sadly goes to Sweden, which now sees one out of every four Swedish women being the victim of rape. Is this the result of the rapid influx of Muslim immigrants who continue to form a larger percentage of the Swedish population? With Muslims represented in as many as 77 percent of the rape cases and a major increase in rape cases paralleling a major increase in Muslim immigration, the wages of Muslim immigration are proving to be a sexual assault epidemic by a misogynistic ideology. The escalation of rape in Sweden is so bad that in July of last year there were an average of five rapes a day reported in Stockholm. Think about that for a minute; five women being raped a day in a modern civilized city. This isn’t Afghanistan or Mexico we’re talking about; it’s Sweden. Full Story Here. Shatters Poster Boy Turns Out To Be A Lying Thieving Git A FORMER member of the Garda Reserve has appeared in court charged with social welfare fraud of thousands of euro in jobseeker's allowance. Charles Eyombo, a native of Cameroon, allegedly committed the fraud "over a number of years", Limerick District Court was told. The amount of money involved is believed to be approximately €30,000. Mr Eyombo (38), of The Courtyard, Bru na Gruadan, Castletroy, Limerick, is charged with one count of dishonestly and by deception inducing the Minster for Social Protection by declaring his circumstances of seeking jobseeker's allowance had not changed since January 29, 2013. The offence is contrary to Section Six of the Criminal Justice Theft and Fraud Offences Act, 2001 and is alleged to have occurred at the Department of Social Protection, Dominick Street, Limerick, on February 20, 2013. Mr Eyombo is alleged to have wrongfully declared himself as not being in receipt of income. Full Story Here. Deport the invader NOW. Charles Eyombo on left. DEPRAVED MUSLIM ANIMAL AND HIS EQUALLY DEPRAVED WIFE. UK: DEPRAVED MUSLIM IMMIGRANT KEPT MUTE SEX-SLAVE GIRL (10) IN HIS CELLAR Cahal Milmo – 17 October 2013 A pensioner who trafficked a 10-year-old deaf and mute orphan into Britain, keeping her in his cellar to claim benefits, was convicted yesterday of repeatedly raping the girl. Ilyas Ashar (84) was found guilty of 13 counts of rape against the girl, who is now in her 20s, after she was kept at the home he shared with his wife Tallat in Eccles, Salford, and made to sleep in the "sparse, cold and damp" cellar. The jury at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester heard that the girl, an orphan from Pakistan who is profoundly deaf and cannot speak, was beaten and slapped as well as being forced to work for Ashar and his family and friends in virtual slavery as a domestic servant. Details of the victim's ordeal only emerged after she was taught sign language following her accidental discovery in 2009 by Trading Standards officers who had come to the couple's house to investigate possible illegal activities. Ashar used his victim to satisfy his sexual desires as well as enlisting his wife to use the girl's details to steal more than £30,000 (€35,000) in benefits and setting up several bank accounts in her name. Two female jurors wept as the guilty verdicts were delivered against Ashar, who was warned by Judge Peter Lakin to expect a "substantial prison sentence". The judge said he was excusing the jurors of further jury service for a decade after hearing traumatic evidence. Ashar had been convicted at an earlier trial of two counts of trafficking a person into the UK for exploitation and three counts relating to the fraudulent obtaining of benefits. Tallat Ashar (68) and the couple's daughter, Faaiza Ashar (46) were also found guilty at the previous trial of benefit fraud charges. Full Story Here. I HAVE NO DOUBT THAT MUSLIMS ARE DOING THE SAME THING HERE IN IRELAND. Black Immigrantaccused of daylight baseball attack on fellow black immigrant fails to win bail 18 October 2013 A MAN has failed to secure his release from custody after being refused bail in connection with an incident in which he allegedly hit another man over the head with a baseball bat in broad daylight. Jooda Akanbi (37), who is originally from Nigeria but has been living Swords, Co Dublin, for some years, is charged with assault occasioning harm to Taiwo Jamani (45). It is alleged that during a row on Main Street, Swords, on October 10, Mr Jamani was struck with a baseball bat. He was taken to hospital where he remains in a critical condition. His lawyers applied for bail in Cloverhill District Court last Tuesday but this was refused by Judge Grainne Malone. They asked the High Court to release him on grounds that he is being unlawfully held in breach of his (Article 40.4.2) constitutional rights. They claimed District Judge Malone's refusal was not in accordance with fair procedures and was based on hearsay evidence in relation to alleged threats made to a witness. Full Story Here Deport both of the Invaders UK: Black Immigrant Viciously Stabs White Teen Schoolgirl to Deathin "RACE HATE CRIME" "HE CHOOSE HIS VICTIM BECAUSE SHE WAS WHITE AND DEFENSELESS " INB. The family of a schoolgirl stabbed to death by a criminal with history of mental health problems have demanded answers after it emerged the killer was allowed out on the streets unsupervised. Phillip Simelane, 23, today pleaded guilty to the killing of 16-year-old Christina Edkins in a random attack on a bus in Birmingham city centre. He admitted a charge of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility after being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Questions are now being asked as to why Simelane was not being monitored following his release from prison where mental health experts had placed warning "markers" about his behaviour on his file. Christina, a pupil at Leasowes High School in Halesowen, was pronounced dead at the scene after being stabbed in the chest on the upper deck of a bus at about 7.30am on March 7. Her parents and siblings said the senselessness of the crime had made their grief that much harder to bear on top of the loss of the schoolgirl, just two weeks after her 16th birthday. Jason and Kathleen Edkins, and Christina's brother Ryan and sister Joanne, also made it clear that questions remain over why Simelane had not been supervised after his release from jail at the end of 2012. Her great uncle Chris Melia added that if 23-year-old Simelane had been properly monitored after his release, the attack on the top deck of the No 9 bus "wouldn't have happened". Full Story Here.

Report by: Sarah James, United Kingdom
October 26, 2013 at 4:12 pm


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