I KEEP GETTING SPAM WITH A LINK TO THIS URL FROM A GUY WHO IS BOMBARDING THE WORDPRESS COMMENTS IN MY WEBSITE. IT'S REALLY UPSETTING MATERIAL ABOUT HOW THE HOLOCAUST NEVER HAPPENED AND OTHER DISTURBING THINGS ABOUT 911. I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS PROTECTED SPEECH. different author each time: Author: Graciela Elgin (IP:, Email: URL: Comment: 3 Facts you need to know about JEWS: FIRST FACT: The Holocaust never happened. Google "Did Six Million Really Die PDF" and read that 44 page ebook. It proves the Holocaust is a hoax. SECOND FACT: 9-11 was done by Israel's Mossad. Google "Masters of Deception PDF" and read that 240 page ebook. It proves that Mossad and top Jews in America committed the 9-11 terrorist attacks. THIRD FACT: Jews are the ones behind pushing for mass immigration from 3rd world countries into the West, Jews created feminism, Jews created communism, Jews control Hollywood, Jews con

September 26, 2017 at 1:46 pm
alt altright antisemitism


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