An Albanian mockery site promoting Serb organ trafficking

An Albanian website called "" is promoting Serb organ trafficking. Organ theft in Kosovo (sometimes also known as the "yellow house" case) refers to organ harvesting and killing of an indeterminate number of "disappeared" people, for which 5 people so far have been convicted in the case involving an elaborate organ trafficking network, and other cases are under investigation. The victims are believed to be mostly ethnic Serbs of Kosovo, killed by perpetrators with strong links to elements of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in 1999. The men were taken to a makeshift clinic near Tirana, Albania, where they were shot in the head and then had their organs removed. In 2010, a report by Swiss prosecutor Dick Marty to the Council of Europe (CoE) uncovered "credible, convergent indications" of an illegal trade in human organs going back over a decade,including the deaths of a "handful" of Serb captives killed for this purpose. The case is being investigated by the authorities, as they claim that there is no enough evidence so far. This website promotes Serb organ trafficking in a mockery way, with a slogan "Don`t miss our new collection of Serbs". They posted even an Albanian girl who says that her puppy had defective lungs and in the Yellow House Albania they were replaced by Serbian ones! They also mention Dick Marty, Vuk Jeremic and Carla del Ponte as customers, who are said to have had brain transplantations, replaced with swine tissue in Jeremic`s case.

Report by: Verka Jovanovic, Serbia
July 11, 2013 at 9:56 pm
serb organ trafficking hate speech


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