Mockery of culture
FB page inciting hatred between Latvians and Russian speaking residents

Movement against Latvian culture, activities and national events.

The slogan of FB page "Latvia: ship of fools" is "1 000 000 reasons why to leave or stay in Latvia." It mostly criticizes the politicians, political regime, government’s decisions etc. The big part of its content claims that the large emigration from Latvia is caused by stupid government’s decision and actions of politicians which led to economical crises, bad economic situation etc. The posts and comments criticizing the politicians and the government in many cases are  insulting. Calling certain persons “stupid” and other very bad words. Besides that, some comments are very aggressive. The discussions about the posts in many cases are very insulting as it touches inter-ethnic relations in the country between ethnic Latvians and Russians.

Report by: Liva LIEPKALNE, Latvia
June 27, 2013 at 6:02 pm


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