hatepreaching: demonization of muslims


Twitter account 'amymek', (178,000+ followers) is constantly demonizing muslims, spreading outright lies, 'fake news', dangerous demonizing generalizations about muslims, creating a dangerous hatefilled narrative that eventually will lead to innocents getting hurt and maybe even a bloody civil war. Remember #Srebrenica. There are thousands of very large twitter accounts like 'amymek' (some 500k+ followers) directed at making people hate muslims. And twitter Inc. do absolutely nothing. Twitter Inc. have a 'reporting tool', but I have stopped using twitter's 'reporting tool', because Twitter inc. do absolutely nothing. the hate is allowed to flourish and go viral. Will you with your connections to eu take action? Remember #Srebrenica

July 18, 2017 at 9:25 am
srebrenica hatepreaching genocide hatespeech demonization


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