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Hate Speech Watch is a tool to monitor and collect examples of hate content on the Internet. The examples in the Watch testify and help raise awareness of the spread and impact of hate speech. They have also an educational function for young people to understand hate speech and, especially, to develop counter speech and arguments. The Internet is a public space for all, hate speech threatens our sense of safety and often has far reaching consequences for the victims. All examples of hate speech submitted here will be checked soon after by the moderators. You can read all submitted examples below. Don't hesitate to leave your comments. Be aware that you may find some contents offensive!

Submitted examples of Hate Speech are not systematically shared with the authorities or internet companies; in some cases the campaign activists may call for action for the removal of specific contents. We encourage you to also report the Hate Speech you encounter to the relevant authorities and/or internet companies. Suggestions on how to submit an official report are provided in the instructions section.
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