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3 June, 2014

Refugee Crisis in Europe 2015

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Online hate speech targeting migrants, asylum seekers and immigrants has increased  recently,  fuelling tension and prejudice in a very challenging situation for these people seeking refuge in Europe. The No Hate Speech Movement is calling for a  stronger solidarity towards those people forced to leave their homes.. Solidarity with the persecuted and with victims of hate crime is in the DNA of our movement and we call on campaigners across Europe and beyond to engage in actions in favour of refugees and in denouncing hate speech.This is a specific focus of Hate Speech Watch and we invite all of you to watch for hate speech targeting refugees and migrants and to react to such instances in the moment they appear. Give counter-arguments, comments in respect of Human Rights, express more solidarity, and refuse or disagree hate speech content very clearly. Pay special attention to hate speech that may have serious consequences on safety and security of refugees and people in need of help and support. Please use also the Hate Speech Watch to report and document  hate content on social media or on online fora, websites or news portals and make sure that further action is proposed. We’ll use Hate Speech Watch to monitor those reports and identify action where needed.  View


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