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Hate Speech Watch is a user-generated repository to trace, share and discuss online hate speech content. Instances of hate speech signalled here are not reported to judicial authorities, regulatory bodies or internet providers. Please, also report systematically all hate speech you encounter online to the relevant national authorities and Internet companies. See the instructions section to learn how.

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20 October, 2016
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In November  - connected to the Action Day countering Antisemitic Hate Speech - we invite you to flag antisemitic hate speech using  Hate Speech Watch. Through the Hate Speech Watch you can flag any online content (on social meda, websites, news sites, comments etc) that expresses hate speech against people and groups just because they are Jewish. When you submit a report, you can explain why that content should be challenged, and if you want provide your counter arguments. After submitting the report you can share  it on your social media to initiate discussion about the content, to express solidarity with the people targeted by the hate speech and spread counter arguments that promote human rights for example through online and offline actions. If you would like help identifying antisemitc hate speech and draft counter arguments take a look at the guide monitoring antisemitic hate speech by CEIJ. The resources of the ‘Get the Trolls Out’ project can also be useful to analyse and recognise antisemitic hate speech and provide some examples of counter actions using images video’s etc. View


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Anti Islam - ... ...
Report by: Menno Ettema, Netherlands
October 12 at 10:15 am

The Site reposts articles that promote hatred against Muslims or highlight how white Christian Europeans are victims of actions taken against their hate speech. View


Hate against Women
October 11 at 4:23 pm

This man is having hate speach not only against the uber drivers but also against the young girls. He's comparing the laws with young virgens saying that they should be violated. View


a provocative news ...
October 11 at 4:07 pm

this news published by one of best sellıng newspaper(Milliyet)ın turkey.Also online version of news shared by same WEBSITE of the newspaper .There are 14 comments about news and clearly because of the language of the news all comments contain ... View


October 11 at 3:46 pm

hE creates hatred speech on hıs twıtter account and followed by 60000 people View