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31 January, 2015

10 February is the Safer Internet Day, which aims to promote a safer and better use of the Internet, especially among young people and children. The slogan for Safer Internet Day in 2015 is “Let’s create a better Internet together”. The No Hate Speech Movement team is organising a European Action Day on the occasion of the Safer Internet Day with the motto “Are you safe from hate speech online?” The Movement invites YOU to report online hate speech that is in connection to safety online. Report any online content that endangers safety of young people for it’s a content that spreads hatred against certain group of people, or because some young people are targets of such hate speech. Report incidents of cyberbullying that uses hate speech against certain young individuals. Call for action in your neighbourhood or community in order to raise awareness about an online bullying case, report it in your school, or to your parents or to the police if needed. View

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